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Gatenby Locksmiths Hull are the only company you require if you find yourself in need of a locksmith in Hull or the surrounding areas. Whether you've lost your keys and are locked out of your home, are struggling with a stiff lock that you're not convinced is secure, or are reassessing your security measures following a break in, Gatenby Locksmiths Hull are qualified and experienced to provide whatever service you need to make your home or office safer and more protected.

There are plenty of locksmiths in Hull, so what makes Gatenby Locksmiths so special? Quite simply, we pride ourselves on offering a higher standard of service that's quicker, more personal and ultimately, a cost effective option. Unlike our competitors, we're not a locksmith agency or call centre, passing you onto a parent company. Gatenby Locksmiths Hull are a small, independent, family-run business with more than 20 years experience in the locksmith trade. If we can't get the job done, no one can.

With more than 20 years experience under our belts, Gatenby Locksmiths Hull are seasoned professionals who really have seen it all. From standard, everyday lockouts to more complex and unusual jobs, we've gained invaluable knowledge from all our past experiences making us a truly diverse locksmith in Hull. Our background and skill means we're the go-to locksmith in Hull for both domestic clients and those in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, including local authorities, housing associations, and even the police!

Gatenby Locksmiths Hull aim to respond to all emergency call outs within the hour. We understand that leaving your home or office unsecured is a risky action, so whatever the time of day, whatever the day of the week, one of our experienced locksmiths will be with you as soon as they can. Gatenby Locksmiths Hull are available around the clock, 365 days a year, so there's no need to worry. If you've got an emergency and need a locksmith in Hull, we're here to help.

Unlike other locksmiths, we never charge a call out fee. When we visit your home or office, we're doing so to assess the situation, inform you as to what's wrong or what needs to be done, and give you a quote for the potential labour and parts. All of our clients are of course, completely within their rights to decline the quote, in which case Gatenby Locksmiths Hull won't charge you a penny. However, as we're one of the most cost effective locksmiths in Hull offering unbelievable prices, the majority of our callers find us the best locksmith for the job at hand.

So why are Gatenby Locksmiths Hull able to offer such competitive prices? Is it because we offer a suboptimal service? Absolutely not! In fact, all the parts we use are guaranteed, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we'll get a new part fitted, free of charge. The reason why we're one of the most cost effective locksmiths in Hull is because we've spent the past 20 years establishing ourselves in the locksmith industry, so we've built up some great relationships with local suppliers and get some great discounts which we pass straight over to you. Call us for a quote - you won't be sorry.

Anti Snap Locks In Hull

Important Security Update!

A new burglary technique is sweeping across Yorkshire where locks on Upvc and composite doors are being snapped in seconds! The standard barrels fitted to Upvc and composite all have a huge weak spot and burglars are exploiting this weakness and breaking into homes with ease in under 30 seconds! The technique involves snapping the lock barrel in half which allows the multi point locking mechanism to be quickly manipulated open. We recommend fitting anti snap locks in order to make your home safe from lock snapping. Anti snap locks are designed to react differently to a basic lock cylinder when a burglar attempts to snap the lock preventing the door from being manipulated open. We can upgrade your locks to anti snap locks in Hull and East Yorkshire and we have a lock to suit everybody's budget from a basic anti snap lock right up to the top of the range British standard  TS007 3 star anti snap locks. Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Gatenby Locksmiths Hull Blog

Thinking about security!

A Lot of our customers ask us how they can improve there home security and of course we can advise people on the most up to date security measures to help achieve this. However there are so many little things you can do to increase your home security that do not cost a penny to implement. Here's a few tips to make your Hull home more secure.

1, Keep windows and doors locked at all times even when you are in. Sounds obvious right? Well you would be amazed at how many people don't lock doors and windows. We attend a lot of burglaries in Hull where people have literally walked in through an open door and stolen car keys, hand bags, mobile phones and tablets ect. Its advisable to try and get into the habit of locking doors behind you as soon as you close them. Keep it locked, keep it secure!

2, Do not leave keys on view or where they can be easily reached. Most thefts of house keys and car keys are opportunistic thefts simply because keys have been left where somebody can see them. Keys left in the back of doors can sometimes be reached and turned through letterboxes. Keys left on side tables and key hooks near the back of doors can be reached using home made devices to hook them through the letter box. Keep them out of sight and out of mind of burglars in Hull.

3, Make sure your home is well lit at night. Keeping your home well lit is an essential. Homes that are well lit up look like they have people in them. Houses in complete darkness look like there's nobody home. A house in darkness is usually a sure sign that nobody is home and become a perfect target for thieves in Hull. Light timers are very inexpensive and really help to create the effect that somebody is home and put potential burglars off. 

We hope these 3 main security tips help to keep your Hull home secure. 

Lock Standards 

Another common question we get asked a lot at Gatenby Locksmiths Hull is, which sort of lock should I have for my door?

The answer to this question firstly depends on the type of door in question. Wooden door, composite door or Upvc door. The main thing to note when choosing a suitable door lock is your own insurance policy. All insurance policy's are different depending on the provider but here is a very rough guide as to what you should have as a bare minimum.

Wooden door, A minimum of one BS3621 mortice lock. Some insurance policy's will specify more than one. Its surprising how many property's we visit where they don't even have one British Standard BS3621 mortice lock making a lot of insurance policy invalid.

Upvc and composite doors, Usually an insurance policy will request a multi point locking mechanism which locks with hooks or bolts in at least three places, this is usually at the top, middle and bottom of the door. Some multipoint locks actually lock in four or five places. A lot of older multi point locks in Hull don't actually have hooks or bolts but just have roller cams, if your multipoint lock only has roller cams it should be upgraded to a more modern style of locking mechanism. Combined with a good quality locking mechanism sometimes a stronger lock barrel will also be requested. These are known as anti snap locks which stop a common break in technique. There are various different standards and accreditations for anti snap locks, so again these would be very policy specific.

If you would like your policy checking over and locks updated to suit by a professional locksmith in Hull please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hopefully this very brief overview of lock standards will help you increase the security of you home in Hull.

Use a local locksmith in Hull 

It can be difficult for many customers looking to hire a locksmith in Hull to choose the correct one. There are many many national company's and call centres out there claiming to be local locksmiths. The way this normally works is you hire a locksmith by ringing a call centre who then sub contract the work out to other locksmiths and take a cut of the money. In order for these sort of company's to survive they usually have to charge huge inflated premiums so there is enough money in the pot for both party's to take there cut. Many of these company's try to make themselves look like local Hull locksmiths by using a local phone number which can be rented very cheaply and some even have fake map listings to make it look like they are just around the corner from you.

How to avoid national locksmiths

There are some easy ways you can try and ensure you are getting a local locksmiths Hull. Firstly its amazing how many people don't do any research when hiring a locksmith in Hull and just go with the first person they contact. Obviously in some situations people tend to panic such as lock outs or break ins ect and are just in a mad rush to get somebody out to resolve there lock problems but unfortunately these are the sort of people that these big national chains are relying on! All it takes is a little bit of research, ask a family member or friends if they have ever used the services of a locksmith in Hull, and were they happy with the quality of service, price ect? If that's not an option have a look online and instead of picking the first one you see have a proper look through there website, once you find a Hull locksmith website that you like the sound of start doing Google searches for that specific company. This will usually start bringing up external sites they are listed on and some of these are likely to be review websites where you can see what feedback they have gotten from other customers. The last point would be what do they sound like on the telephone? Do they have a local accent or an accent from out of town? Obviously somebody answering the phone with say a London accent should be a dead give away that your not talking to the local Hull locksmith who lives around the corner. Hopefully these few tips will help the next time you are looking to hire a local locksmith in Hull. 

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