Looking for an affordable yet professional locksmith in Beverley or the surrounding areas? Look no further. At Gatenby Locksmiths Beverley we combine our unique skills and talents with great deals and prices, making us not only one of the more competent and efficient of locksmiths in Beverley, but also one of the most cost effective locksmith companies in the north east. Gatenby Locksmiths Beverley isn't a call centre, it isn't a third party agent. We're simply a skillful and qualified family-run business with a true passion for the complexity of premises security. Having been in the locksmith business in Beverley for upwards of 20 years, we've built up a strong profile of work, ranging from the simplest of lock changes following a burglary to more complicated matters such as replacing old, dated lock mechanisms that aren't even manufactured any more. This wealth of experience means we can offer our clients services that other Beverley locksmiths cannot.

It can be tricky to find a locksmith in Beverley that's capable and willing to deal with locks on uPVC doors and windows. Locks that fit into the plastic are notoriously challenging to fit and replace, and we often get calls from home owners who have tried to replace the locks themselves and failed. This is where we come in. Gatenby locksmiths Beverley are proud to be uPVC door and window specialists. Having dealt with plenty of these situations over the years, we know exactly what we're doing and will get the job done in a jiffy.

While each job is different, we do tend to see common problems pop up quite regularly (standard lockouts, replacements following a break in, locks that are stuck or stiff, for example) so we always ensure we have a good supply of parts in tow to fix these problems immediately. We know that having an unsecured property isn't a pleasant experience, so we always do our best to secure your premises there and then - that's just how good locksmiths should work. Sometimes, if your problem is more complex, or if you're using a non-standard locking mechanism, we may need to pop out to one of our local suppliers, best rest assured we'll see the job through to the end.

At Gatenby Locksmiths Beverley, our fees won't be beaten, we guarantee it. Not only do we not charge you a penny for calling us out (even in the middle of the night!) but we also pass any discounts we receive from our suppliers straight over to you. Why pay more when you don't need to? On top of this, we offer special discounts for the elderly and students - two demographics who are most at risk of break ins. We want our Beverley community to stay as safe and secure as possible, so we'll do everything we can to help those who are vulnerable.

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